The villain of my life 

Appa you are the villain in my life. If not for you, I wouldn’t have emerged as a hero(ine) today… If not for your scolding, I’d be a brat pa! If not for your Tamil movie villain like looks, some guy would have tried bullying us… If not for your lessons and habit of writing the day’s accounts, I’d have spent a fortune leaving all of us in rags… You may have looked a villain to me all these years pa, but you are the true hero…
If amma has been up all night when I was ill, you bore my pee stench, when I peed on you as a kid… You bore it all silently, sacrificing your sleep, by letting me sleep peacefully and helping amma clean the whole mess that I’d make at night….
Your story telling skills are unbeatable pa… You have put me to sleep for several years with your stories… Your Bheeman stories have impacted on me so much that today, I have grown up to be a Kaliyuga Hidimbi- Tall, Strong, Heavy and Sharp…

When amma was not allowed into the kitchen on those days of the month, you made the yummiest idlies with molaga podi, naei and chakkarai for breakfast.. You introduced me to fusion food like Vadai sandwich, burgers and all the available junk food on earth! You are one amazing partner in crime for akka and me, in eating tasty junk food. How I love eating chaat and Ice cream with you, in Sindhi colony.

Whenever I came home after a fight with some classmate or schoolmate of mine, you have encouraged me to fight them back… You raised me fearless pa… So much that you yourself feared that I’d beat up someone black and blue someday (you know it did happen with the auto guy who charged me more money)

You never bothered about akka or me scoring top ranks, you just wanted us to do justice to your efforts of paying our education fees, by passing the examinations. Alas, all our degrees, certificates and trophies are yours coz your name is our second name and we will never let any other man’s name take over yours… Appa, I still remember that day, when I learnt that I failed for the 4th time in accounts exam and I cried holding your shirt… Seeing me from your Activa’s mirror, you coolly took me for a kulfi… The day I graduated as a MBA, you proudly boasted to everyone that your daughter fulfilled your dream…

You never let me feel low anyday, after a failed interview… I’ve wasted too much of your money on useless interviews which gave me false hopes of a job, yet you have been my ATM pa… You always said the company is unlucky not to have a talented person like my daughter…

You trust us , your daughters more than anyone else…You have silently paid our mobile bills and never asked a question on whom we are talking to.. you have never touched our mobiles or even laptop coz you respect our privacy so much…  You let us mingle with everyone, from all walks of life… You gave us all the freedom to hang out with friends, you discussed everything with us and made us aware of this world… You raised us confident pa… You know your daughters more than anyone else and you have never fallen for anyone’s talks… You have our back all the time, against someone who rubbishes about us. Appa, coz of the trust you have on us, we have never ever lied to you on anything… I still remember the day I  did hookah during college and told it to you… You never scolded me and instead, you just asked me not to do it again… Till day I stick on to it pa…

Appa, though you have given us enough freedom to choose our life partner (with all the applied conditions of yours), despite knowing that we are incapable of finding one. Appa, you very well know our choices and know what’s the best for us… I know it is a very tiring process for you, but still… We will be happy with the guy you choose for us pa… We are little girls after all…

All those cuss words from all the south indian , North Indian and English languages , I learnt from you pa… My sense of humour is always inspired from you and your wit… All those management lessons you give us, the people management skills have been learnt from you pa… You have not only taught me how to work in an office but also​ have taught me how to manage our business, by asking me to help you in our coffee shop…

Appa, I am sorry to have swept the floor to irritate you as soon as you come after bath, in madi , to perform sandhyavandhanam. I am sorry to have passed racist comments on your colour whenever you called me fat….

I know you feel proud that you have raised a fearless girl, everytime I stand up for somethings against you… But I feel sad for hurting you with my tone and words… I hate arguing with you pa! I feel guilty about it…

How I love to teach you to use the gadgets and make you tech savvy… I love the enthusiasm of a 10 yr old eccentric kid that you show in learning new technology… I enjoy reading all those long forwards you send on WhatsApp, though some of them are irritating…

Appa, you have never expressed your feelings to us but I know how you will feel the day we get married and go… Appa, I don’t want you to shed a tear that day when you see me off to my in-laws place… I can’t wipe my leaking nose and spoil my bridal make up that day! Better be a good boy ok?

Appa, you always are standing   for your name Prem, which means Love. So many struggles, so many sacrifices you are making for us, your children, to grow and emerge successful and lead a happy life… Premu, Happy Appa’s day Da!


Your Kunju Kondhei , your little brat 🙂


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