Gumbalo Govinda Prayaanam

Hello everybody! Long time I have blogged…. I am presently working and work is pre-occupying my mind… Well, all that aside, I have something to share with all of you… Last week, with the grace and mercy of my manager, supervisor, colleague, receptionist and trainees- I was given a leave of 4 days, to attend my cousin’s wedding at Palakkad… I was an unannounced passenger with the team of 40 odd family members and friends who were travelling to Palakkad for the wedding…
Well, here are somethings that I observed and have been observing and might observe during the group travel with “Namba vaal” 😝😝😝😝
There are some mandatory-stereotypical things which happen during the travel… And it goes like this…

1. Vetty bandha at the station: See, when you go and meet your gumbal-mates as in, your travel mates, ie., your relatives-mama Mami, Anna Manni, Akka Athimber, athai athimber and so on relatives and some aandies and unkuls who are your family friends who are more of your family than friends, it is a necessity that you smile at everyone at the station , the FAQs that you face will be
Epdi Vandhel, Ola 🚕 va?? We came by ola only.. It had AC and weefee (WiFi) and all you know ah.. What a big car I tell you.. Nalla cab aakum…
My mind voice (MMV) “ Prime la vanden nu bandha va… Mokka naaye, free ride kadacha without la kuda vara jenmangal pathi enaka teriyadhu 😂”

Epdi vandha enna, ellarum ore edathuku daane da porom 😝😝😝😝

2. Office work: There are these Velaikaaras- that only , the so called Workoholics who open their laptops, plug in the charger, plug in their headphones and update their Facebook status 😣😣😣😣 , in the name of doing office work…
MMV dei unga kadamai unarchi ki oru alave illiya da

Because I was one among the last moment joinees, I had to mandatorily mooku aala azhudufyingly explain about my leave grant and of course curse my manager, supervisor, colleague, receptionist, office boy , trainees and all those at my workplace… 😂😂😂😂

3. Bhojanam seiya vaarungal: The traditional lunch for gumbal travel- puliyodharai and curd rice boxes with potato chips packets were distributed among all of us… I got to hear these from random people…
1. Puliyodharai acidity aagum pulippu romba jaasti
MMV puliyodharai la pulippu illama vera enna daan irukum?? ­čś«
2. Thayir pulikave illa 😁
3. Puliyodharai ah biryani nu nanachu sapdu… Indha muruku daan leg piece – MMV naan eppo da biryani venum nu keten.. Leg piece naa kannala kuda paathadilla.. Vena un leg ah piece panni kaka ku podren 😣😤
4. Diet aakum.. Roice chopdamaachen (stylishly one aandie said rice chapda maten) Adi paavi, appo nee sapdra potato chips la enna anti fat products ah iruku.. Illa , konja neram munnadi kudicha apple milkshake enna zero cal ah??
5. Enna ma neeyum diet ah? :D:D
MMV: Vitta tubelight, bulb ellame sapduven.. Pakanuma ? 😣

4. Pechugal- Varthaigal-Jokesu- Tamaash- All through my journey , there were only these topics that were talked about
1. Husband- Wife jokes, sexist, racist jokes
2. To-be married gals ku teaching Wife sciences
3. Peethikal- even about their dog’s poop(which is extremely essential)
4. Ennoda kalyanam appo ennachu…
5. En college days la.. Work days la.. Etc etc…
6. Talking about politics, random people, relatives, gossip and vendaatha kisu kisu…
7. Aduthadu un kalyanam daan
MMV : neenga sollanum nu aavisyam illa

5. PUBLIC DISPLAY OF THE LOVESU 💑💑💑💑: This has to be explained acc to age group 😂 let me start with the recently married ones…
1. 2-5 years of marriage: These couples romance kallathanama in the public waiting for a chance to display the lovesu… 💑
There are these new parents 👪 .. The new thaaikulams keep on getting annoyed and show off as if their kid is giving them a tough time… Then they force the kids Appa 👨 (who pretends to be on some official work/call appo daan) to clean the kids 👶 kundi and change the diapers.. Then they peethify that their aathukar is so cooperative, nalla Appa to the kid and all.. Sathiyama this kids kundi cleaning act and diaper changing may look cute just once, every time the kid does aai, it is as aayish as the amount and stench of aai in the diaper! 👶💩😠😠😠
2. 20-30+ yrs of marriage: These mamas in shorts feel like they are recently married and call themselves as youth and can still be as potential as a youngster.. All their manmadha leelais they show off here only… They talk and advice people of my age about married life and adjustments and all…
One mama even put his hand around his mami’s shoulder to show off how young and romantic 💏 he was and the Mami blushed 🙈🙈… Trust me, it was not at all 0.000001% cute 😒
3. Lovey doviest talks and all they do here only.. Who cares what nickname you call your spouse?
4. Mandatorily they talk about their relationship, tell kutham korai about their spouse and suddenly praise their spouse.. Sathiyama I did not understand why are they doing this…
My amma and appa also joined and I threatened to get down in the next station and go back to Hyd! 😣
5. During a conversation, someone told me “Meenu, aduthadu un aathukaar ah naangalaam pidichundu unaku katti veikarom di…” 😝😝😝😝
Me: En aathukar ah neenga yen pidikarel kattikarel?? Legally naan daan pidichupen naan daan kattipen..
* And she felt embarrassed* 😂😂😂

6. MOBILE VERIYAN MAMA- CANDY CRUSH MAMI- MOBILE DOCTOR 📱📱📱📱- Speaking the truth, I got to know one thing that the mobile usage by humans of 50+ age group is actually the highest among all the humans of other age groups….
There are these mamis who play candy crush for hours together, fight with us for mobile charging slots, then play the game and discuss it for hours together… Andha kandravy candy crush la apdi enna daan iruko 😫
There are these mobile veriyans who curse the mobile because the old malayalam songs are not playing in their phone’s YouTube…
Then they come to me for repair… Once for all, I became a customer service and troubleshoot executive for iPhone, Samsung phones and tabs…
When I was shivane nu listening to songs in my lotta lenovo phone, one mama comes and asks me to repair his phone.. I do it and there comes a queue of 10 odd mamas and mamas 👴👴👴👴👴👵👵👵👵👵 asking me to repair their phones 😫😫😫
See, it is absolutely not annoying for me to help them out.. But then, after math of the repair, I get to listen to annoyingly-sillily-stupid words from them.. Something like this
Neengal youth ellam eppo paaru phone liye irukele adhunaala ungaluku ellam teriyardhu.. Enga kaalathila idellam onnum irukalai… Ippo daan.. Ellam chatting vandriku.. This chatting and all naala minds kettu pordhu, kandi kanda pera kalyanam panni divorce aagardhu… Naan unna sollalai ma.. Podhuva indha kaalathu youngsters pathi sollaren”
My mind voice : Aama naan daan 24*7 candy crush valadaren, naan daan kakoos la YouTube video pathundu enga iruken enna panren ne teriyama ukandruken paaru… Yov ungala madri silaper irukardhu naala daan innum indha India urupadaama iruku 😤😤😣😣😣😣

Ipdi daan Palakkad poi, Hyderabad vardhu vara oru gumbalo govinda journey aachu 🚎🚋🚋🚋🚋🚋🚋🚋… Though it was so annoying, I still did enjoy a lot.. But then, the next day, when I saw my fb, it was filled with friend requests from 28 odd mamas and mamis… And then, someone even made a Whatsapp group and added me into it (which I muted unable to bear their mokkai) … And then one day someone called me up to ask regarding some job for their peran and end of the conversation, they put a big vedi gundu on my head telling- “Meenu… Unnoda kalyanam ku ide madri ellarum travel pannalam… Same to same.. Romba jolly ah irukum”

Sathiyama telling, this vedi gundu is not letting me sleep past few days 😵😵😵😵

Govindas of the Gumbal