Aarya’s year 2014

Thank you for making my year 2014 so awesome ❤ 

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The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 24,000 times in 2014. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 9 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

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Switzerland Kadhai

Meena Kalyaanaa…Vaibhogame….. All the mamis sang in chorus…. I was seated on Appa’s lap, looking at Vikram, with tears of joy flowing from my eyes, as he tied the Mangalya sutra around my neck…..
Vikram, the guy whom I shortlisted and finalised, after a 2 year long “groom search”…. I somehow felt he is the right guy for me…. Leave aside his looks, for me, he is the most handsomest….. Who cares for color and complexion… He is taller and heftier than me, ofcourse, 10 times smarter and intelligent than me…That is more than enough for me…..
We got engaged and in a span of 2 months, we got married….. It was early in the morning…. 5:00 am or so…. “Meena…wake up…. Vikram is waiting for you….  Flight ku innum 3 mani neram daan di iruku…. Anga check in aagarthukulla 2 mani neram aagum… You will never change, I thought you are grown up…. no use even after marriage…..wake up and get ready dii…..”
“Ammaaa……enna maa.. why are you shouting like this…. Vikram ketar na en maaname poidum maa…. please konjam summa iren…. idho vandhutten….”  
Uff… these Tambrahm Ammas……. They just don’t understand the value of sleep…
I got up in a jiffy, as I saw the time on my mobile..The cab would arrive at any moment….. I took bath, had kaapi and rushed to Umaachi room to do namaskaram…. Vikram and I swapped our places from left  to right, unable to figure out how to do Namaskaaram to Umaachi as a Dampathi…. We then did our Namaskaaram to Amma and Appa…..  “Vikram, andha dark green suitcase eduthundu vangolen…. that has our clothes…..then andha Black backpack has all our necessary items…. eduthundu vango please”…  for the first time I spoke to Vikram this way….. We had no proper courtship time…It all happened in a span of 2 months…. We did not know each other well, but the thrill of travelling with a new person indeed was something super fun…. I was super excited about this honeymoon; more than a honeymoon, I’d call it an adventure trip with Vikram…. 😀
Vikram wore a beige colored trouser and a bottle green T-shirt and I wore my Navy blue jeans paired up with a Grey T-shirt…. Vikram gifted that T-shirt to me yesterday evening, after nalangu….
The cab arrived… Vikram helped appa in arranging our luggage…. As we sat in the cab, Amma tearfully said Bye and with appa’s smile, I could understand that he fought back his tears… I shed a few tears as Vikram slowly patted on my palm…. He actually did not know what to do… He did not know how to console me…. I understood and controlled my emotions…. The cab driver sped off.. “Meena, all ok?”  Vikram asked in a low tone as our car was speeding on the flyover…..” Yes… I am fine… I don’t know how things are going to be…. I started missing home already”  I said with moist eyes…. Vikram slowly played “Will you be my Lady” song by colonial cousins, one of my favorites, on his mobile…. It meant a lot to me….  This was the first time I saw his face properly, in the cab’s dim light, he looked different from the pictures… on the day of our engagement and yesterday, we were busy and equally tired, unable to even talk to each other…Vikram a little wheatish complexioned man with wavy hair, looked at me with a convincing smile on his face, which is something very priceless to me…. I just leaned on his shoulder….Vikram smiled and directed the cab driver to the airport….

All through our formalities at the airport, Vikram and I were silent and after the check in, we boarded our flight to Zurich, Switzerland….
It was a 15 hour journey, actual time was 12 hr 40 min, but due to some turbulence at Delhi, the journey was delayed a little….  All through the journey initially, we hardly spoke…. Myself being a talkative person, found it very difficult to travel this way…. I was reminded of my travel with family, where I would prank my Akka and not close my mouth unless I was sleeping….  It was a different scene here…. Vikram was reading some book and he dozed off to sleep… I sat silently thinking about amma, appa and akka….
Vikram woke up when the Air hostess asked us for a drink… Vikram ordered for 2 cups of coffee without even asking me…. After she left, I found this as a chance to break the ice…. “I don’t want coffee…neengale kudichingo adha..”
“Unaku enna venum nu sollirkalame aval ta…” 
Vikram said innocently….  I smiled within myself and our conversation started this way…. We spoke about coffee and then various things….  I did limit myself from cracking silly jokes to him, He opened up to me and now, both of us talked and cracked stupid jokes at each other… we did not know how 15 hrs passed….. We reached Zurich….. Vikram and I finally reached Switzerland….. My fav. destination.. Our travel agent had come to pick us up at the airport….. He took us in his car , to the  guest house…… It was 8:30 pm by the time we reached our guest house……
As we reached, we had dinner and slept….. The next morning, I woke up to Vikram’s chanting of Gayathri mantra, as he performed Sandhyavandhanam… I got up and rushed to take bath….
I opened the green suitcase, and to my shock, all the clothes that I found were madisars and matching blouses…. “Shit yaar! Vikram took the wrong suitcase…..He took the sarees suitcase instead of the other one…cha! I should have taken the right suitcase instead of asking him…. No use blaming him for it…..what will I do now? I only have one pair of jeans and just one t-shirt and one warmer… aiyo…. Vikram also has only one pair of trousers and rest all are veshti’s and kurtas…. aiyo Ramachandraaa”
With no other choice left, I wore my madisar… I laughed at myself looking at the mirror…..
I then stood at the window, enjoying the view of nature from my room…. I suddenly felt warm hands holding me from behind….
I turned behind, smiling with my eyes shut automatically due to shyness.. from the half shut eyes, I saw Vikram in a Kurta and Veshti….
Isn’t it awesome to be in a different country and stand like this in our traditional attire Meena…. Wasn’t this your wish to be in Switzerland with your aathukarar in veshti and yourself in a madisar? ”
“Vikram, how do you know this weird wish of mine?? ”
“Amma had told it to me… It seems it was your wish since teenage…. I don’t think this is anything weird… in fact, it is awesome to be traditional, following our own principles, where ever we go….. ”
I smiled and as I ran my hand through his hair, I felt something tied into a knot…. It was his Shikhai…. I felt like 1008 laddoos blasting in my heart…. Vikram, indeed was the type of guy I wanted…. He is that “Sarva Lakshana Purushan”  whom I always wanted to spend the rest of my life with…. I closed my eyes in happiness as I held his Shikhai’s knot and pulled it open, gently…

Meenaaaaaa…..en thalai ya vidu diiiiii….. yen di en mudiya potu izhukarai…. Meena enna diiiiii pannindrukai neeeee..aiyo en mudiya vidu diii……..” 

I opened my eyes to find out that I was pulling Akka’s hair…..

Haah! It was just a dream…I then remembered that last night, I was telling my “aathukarar” preferences to Amma and Appa, while they searched matches for Akka in tamil matrimony and teased me that they’ll marry me to a vadhyar’s son….. Anyway, that dream was indeed awesome… 😀 😛
How I wish it comes true… But yes, I’ll make sure to sneak in a pair of jeans and trousers in all the suit cases , just in case, you know … 😀 😛 😛 😛

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