Bommai Kolu Bommai Kolu…..

Namaskaaaaaaaram makkale…. Ellarum Sowkyama irukel nu nambaren…. Aaah, naan nanna iruken, subhikshama…ellam nanna daan poyindruku, onnu thavira – YEMBEEYEA semester exams….. Aiyo….Lollu adhu…. Seri adhu vidungo, namba matter ku varalaam…..

Well, Navaratri arambichaachu, ella mamis, akkas, thangachis, chittis, athais, perimas, manni, amanga, athangas laam jaga jaga nu Kolu laam vechu asatharel pola….. Mamas ku laam Sundal and Bhakshanams feast-o-feastu….. Boys ku vaay la waaterfalsu seeing aal the Bharathiyin pudhumai Pengal in traditional attire (Hello, I know namba aathu baays not like that…but baays aar baays ma, I know 😛 )….

Kolu nu vandhale, comedy illama irukaadhu….. Here are few common comedy experiences most of us have… I am sure, after you read, you’ll be running with your dandiya sticks/ammi-aatukallu stones to hit me……

#1. Spot the differences puzzle :  Heeeeyyyy….. enga aathulayum idhe bommai iruku…. Same pinch…. Mami’s end up spotting differences between the bommais…. And someone interrupts looking at the 10 Avataram bommais, Idhe madri enga aathulayum irundhuthu, pch, ippo illai…. Same to same bommai adhuvum…. You’ll be like, Adiyei mandu, 10 avadarangal ellame adhu daane di… Pathu avadarangal la padhinonnavadhu avadarama unna veikalam Pola 😝😝… But you’d be polite enough and Ashaduvazhunjundu you tell – hehehe, haamam, 10 avataram ellame same aa daane irukum….ellam adhe daane…..

#2.  Oru paatu paadu: Idhu ulaga magaaaaa kodooramaana velai…. Enga Vethilai paaku vanga ponaalum same request (Read it as order…no no…thollai)…. Yeppaaaa….. Kolu ku pona paatu paada solluva…. In the manasu, you feel like singing Yaaayy Manmadha raasa Manmadha raasa, kanni manasa killadhe but end up smiling shyly and say Neku koochama iruku paada…enna paadatum…hmmm…hmm… and then you will be told Un kalyana nalangu la paadanume, appo ipidi vekka padapdadhu…adhuku daan ippo practice… oru nalla paatu paadu… You seri aakify your throat like a Bhagavatha shiromani and sing Sree Chakra Raaja Simhasaneshwareeee , in absolute apa sruthi….Mamis paatis and all will stare at you like 😰 haen, idhu ennadhu, ipdi padardhu……….  And then the quiz time, they will ask you Ragam, Thanam Pallavi , Composer and all… If they are fortunate enough, their pullai or mama will play pakka vaadyam for you (I had a similar experience and people were like, kaadhu potthika mudiyame, onnum solla mudiyaame, helpless ah irundha 😂😂😂😂 )… Best  part is when mamis come to your house, you make them sing just to make fun of them…. I do that atleast…. When mamis come home, I tell them to sing and stare at their face, wide eyed, expressionless and while wondering whether to laugh or not, they laugh laugh and sing…But still I remain still and stare at them till they crack up laughing… (Highly recommended prank, try it 😂 ) …….

#3. Sundal-Bhakshanam Pattas : Please make sure you don’t sit beside the Mamas or thathas… Sundal, bhakshanams laam saaptu, vayaru la vaayu urundai onnu vechundu pinnadi lerndhu rocket la fire vara madri pattas viduva, filled with odour….. Now, this happened with me at a neighbor’s house…. Avaa aathuku ponen Manjal kumkumam ku, already avaa aathula comedy aachu, mami ki aerobics panni idupu sulukindruthaam, andha kadai sollindrundha and I was deep into imagination, laughing for myself in the heart, sporting a very Normally Divine expression…. Mami asked me to sing…. I started Hmmm….Hmmmm…Kaannnjjjaaaadalaaayataaakshiiiiiiiii….. Dhudhumtatar tarrrr tatatatat nu one sound came suddenly…. I thought their son played some musical instrument, then realised that their son is in UK and it was mama who released the Vaayu formed due to over eating of sundal… I cracked up laughing….. Snatching the Vethilapak, I ran home…..

#4. Show Off, Match Making and finally Gossip : Mamis, to show off, invite you over for tea/kaapi – snacks and Kolu…. They show off by peethifying in Englipees, Hindi and every language known to the man-kind, except their mother tongue….

Match making: Idhu onnu iruku parungo, idhunaaliye I have stopped going to people’s Aams… These Mamis and mamas are absolutely jobless people…. Pesama iruka vendiyadhu daane… Kothu vittu vedikai paarpa! They take all your details and all and kurichufy your jadagam. Then if someone potent for your profile comes, they kothu vittufy 😜.  Aama ippo indha Mama Vela romba mukkiyama pochu! Pakkigala dei, oru pidi sorukku ivalo laam pannanuma! Mokka kezhadugala!  😝😝😝

Gossip : When more than one lady is present in a place and they talk, the talk is not actually a talk but GOSSIP…. Yeppapapapaaaa…. Ulagathula oru matter kooda vittu veika maatango…. Evalo pechu evalo pechu….So much that they actually forget about the vethilai paaku and sometimes, some people go away leaving their chappals behind and go home bare foot (Personal experience again)….

So, these are some comic things I have experienced at Kolu Parties 😛 … Well, please take these on a lighter note as you are always doing….
Navaratri is my personal favorite festival coz all the 9 days you get to catch up with all your friends, relatives and dear ones, irrespective of caste, creed, gender and colour… While some guyz and gals feel this is the best time to introduce their girl friends or boyfriends to their family, some of them like me find every opportunity to have some fun and make the world laugh as much as they can….. Above all, it is the only time to show our love and respect to our Universal parents Shiva and Parvathi/ Vishnu and Lakshmi, through arts/crafts/music and chants….  Wonderful isn’t it?

I wish you all a very very Happy Navaratri, filled with Fun and Laughter…..


Enga aathu Kolu in 2012





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