Doing it Big


It was Day-1 of school for little Shravu, who was just 2 yrs old then. It was on the previous day that her Amma, Appa and Akka were telling the naughty, talkative little girl not to run around the garden in the rain and call her Teacher as “Uma mami” anymore as Uma mami at school was the Head Mistress and would make Big eyes.

The little girl caught this word “head mistress” and was thinking the whole day about it. She asked about it to her Amma… Due to her baby talks, her Mother, unable to understand the word, she said Head means “Thalai”…. Now things got weirder, Shravu thought  Uma mami ‘s Head would be on the table and it’d make big eyes every time Shravu did something naughty. She felt School was something very funny… Mami’s head on the table that’d make big eyes, aunties teaching ABC, food in colorful boxes, water sipper with a belt and lots of papas and babus to play.

Jealousy, Irritation, Hatred, Anger

8 yrs passed, Shravu, a 10 year old tomboy with a bob-cut, got her new pair of spects…. A girl with many friends, a gang of her own and a powerful class monitor, loved by all, except that new girl Sahinya who came from B’lore. On Day-15 at school, Shravu was feeling angry and irritated coz many of her classmates, teachers and even her own gang’s members sympathized that new girl Sahinya, who cried in the class and narrated her “accident” story to every student, almost every day. Shravu found it so annoying coz she always felt being isolated and lonely…. Slowly, everyone started praising Sahinya for all the talents she had… Sahinya could sing well, some even joined Sahinya’s music classes, she scored more marks, her best friend Chaitanya started ignoring their 7 yr old friendship. While Sahinya drew really well in the art-class, Shravu always stood outside the class coz she drew donkeys instead of cute dogs, mixed all the paints in the paint palette…. Shravu was good at playing basketball but Sahinya was better at it and she skated really well…. Shravu was now being hated by all in the class, especially her teachers showed great partiality towards Sahinya and Shravu always felt that pain of being ignored, isolated…. Sahinya, though had nothing personal against Shravu.
Shravu did have all sort of things against Sahinya and she blamed Sahinya for each and everything…. Shravu did have a few best friends , Teachers and her school’s Principal who were by her side every time….


2 yrs passed and the hatred grew more and more…. It was in their 7th std… On the last day of their Annual exam, Shravu was asked to wait for the “class party” by all her friends…. “Why all of a sudden are they asking me to wait for the class party, I am going to leave this school for good, I am shifting to a new place, I will never see their faces again… Is this what making them realize my worth, let’s see”  Shravu wondered….. As soon as she entered into their class room, she saw all their friends busily talking to Sahinya…Shravu felt ignored and turned to leave…. She knew it, Sahinya had something up her sleeves to insult her for one last time…. Angry and irritated, Shravu opened the door and walked out…. Abhishek, her good friend called her and pulled her into the class room…. As soon as she entered, some one closed her eyes from behind and walked her…. Shravu knew it, they were going to empty the thrash bin on her head and make her cry….. The person was Sahinya, who closed her eyes…. “Shravu, turn back” said Sahinya…. There was a medium sized choco-vanilla cake on the table with “We Love you Shravu” written on it…. There were candles on it… Her friend Chaitanya gave her a box full of chocolates, a pen and a greeting card…. There were her favorite things, Harry Potter slam book, Mickey mouse toy and a keychain made out of alphabetic beads that read  BEST FRIEND neatly designed like a plant with leaves and tiny roses….. Shravu cut the cake and tears welled up her cheeks…. Sahinya hugged Shravu and apologised for not being good to her…. “Sahinya, I am so sorry re, I shouldn’t have hated you these 2 yrs…. Atleast, I should have been a little good to you…. You never gave me a chance to be good re Sahinya…. now I know how much you like me, but see, you are going off to Chennai and I am shifting my house and going to a new school, see, even God doesn’t wants us to be good friends anymore…. but I promise, any day in life we meet each other, we will be in touch through out ok ? “

Fear, Cool, Ticklish in the tummy-feel:

Shravu joined a “strict” school in the 8th std.  The atmosphere in the new school was like that of a military regiment…. So disciplined, so many rules and the worst one being “NO TALKING TO BOYS”…. The day Shravu joined school, she saw a boy being beaten up black and blue by Sastri sir, for talking to a girl… It was in 8th std she for the first time heard the word “Fuck” being told by every one…. She too said “What the Fuck” , wide eyed…. Shravu couldn’t control her feelings for the poor boy who was just beaten up by Sastri sir for talking to her…. She went straight away to the Principal and asked her the reason….. This brave act of hers, to go and talk to the principal, made her the “cool” girl in the school…. Everyone wanted to be-friend her…. the principal herself liked Shravu’s cool attitude and lo’ Shravu was made the school’s ASPL (Assistant school pupil leader). It was all on Shravu’s hands now…. Shravu had that feel of being celebrated again…She had no one who could hate her…. Rules such as “No jeans to school on saturdays” changed, everyone followed Shravu in everything…except that, Shravu was bad at maths and in Keshav sir’s maths class, Shravu stood out atleast once in a week for not doing the previous day’s homework… It so became that many of them, just to give company to Shravu, did not purposely do their homework and would stand with her outside the class some times…
A year passed…Shravu’s parents put her for the intensive course and hence, Shravu joined the other intensive branch of the school….It was in the 9th std……She was now ok in maths coz of that Kalpa School boy Shashank Varma, who clarified all her doubts in maths…. He was a very nice guy… It was her friends Giddi- Maariyah and Moti- TPS who always said “oho….oho…kya chalra re” when ever they saw Shravu and Shashank talking…. Stupid Shravu did not understand why and then this was later explained by her friend Manrit… Since that day, whenever Shravu saw Shashank, she had that “Ticklish in the tummy” feel….

Competition, Hard-work and Best friends Promises:

It was in her 10th std, that Shravu felt people are racing her in the scores… Shravu had to do something with her scores… Being the SPL for the school, Shravu found it very hard to manage her studies…. She had this friend Lallu who helped her constantly…. When the bad girl Priyanka scored more than her, Shravu felt the need to score more… It was since that day Shravu put on all her efforts to study much better, score more and set an example to her juniors…. She did it… In the final SSC boards, she stood one among the top 15 in the school… After results, it was time to part from her best friends, her gang , the lovely school, her teachers and every thing that had to do with her school…. Especially Lallu…. She did not want to part from that best friend and that day, she made a promise to her best friend that come what may, we will remain best friends forever….

Anxiety, Tensions, Studiousness, Aims :

Shravu took up Life sciences, in her high school (junior college in Hyderabad) and  had nothing much than study,study and study…. She was admitted into SCJC Kalasala, one of the famous junior colleges in AP, famous for their targets…. 11th std was full of competition for her…. She did score well, had her titles of “Topper, class first” etc…. Whenever her lecturer said the word “AIM” , Shravu always wondered what it was…. She did not have any personal aim… She did not know what to become in life…. She had a lot of anxiety and tension in the 12th std, because she was struggling to know her aim…. She worked hard, but never knew for what she aimed…. Then one day, after her practical exams, she was told by one of the external lecturers “You will make a great scientist”… She wanted to be a scientist…. Deep in her heart, she always wanted to be that person whose name would feature in the newspaper constantly, above all the articles…. She wanted to be a journalist…. But life had different plans for her…. Life wanted her to be a scientist…

EGO, Pride, Head-strong :

Shravu joined college for university education..She took up Biotechnology, Microbiology and Chemistry…. All through her college, she had none to fight against her, none to debate with her… People feared her more than liking her… She topped in studies, excelled in almost everything…She was the college president… She was a terror to those girls who ragged their juniors, she was a counselor to the depressed…Without her consent no event took place in the college…She won laurels for the college and had a name of her own…. She was named “Hitler-ni” …. Girls gossiped about her, being an EGOist, Proud-ish and some really liked her  Head-strong attitude….  This Ego crept into her a lot that some started to envy her…. The Ego lead to many losses she never expected in life….

Confusions, Depression, Talent recognition:

After Shravu graduated, it was on a rainy afternoon, the D-Day, when she was going to collect her marks memo along with her Appa, their 2-wheeler skid down and they met with an accident… Shravu was badly injured…she and her father were rushed to hospital….It was there that she found out her spine and left knee have a severe injury…She was advised bed rest for atleast 4 months…. Doctors said she can never walk normally for at least a year…. Shravu’s eyes welled up with tears…She could not attend the convocation…More than anything her career had got a big blow, ‘oh shit!’ she thought…She was on bed, unable to walk…All her dreams of  doing it big in life shattered…. One precious year of her career was lost…She could not even walk to the loo, what would she do big in life, was Shravu’s biggest question…. While all her friends joined college, she sat down,  dis-interested, confused and depressed , self-pitying herself every moment…All that she had was Facebook and few very good online friends who motivated her, though they have never met her in person….. Shravu was encouraged and motivated with her friends’ words, their jokes, and more than all, her boredom was killed… It was at that time that she came to know about this MBA program from distance… Shravu was good at Literature and Science…Management was a new thing to her… She thought she’d dare not do an MBA but this was the only option to keep her career on track… She was told that she had the talent to speak well, write well…..

Confidence, Encouragement, Motivation, Challenges:

It was 2 months already and Shravu still wasnt out of her bed completely… She tried her best to walk but failed…It was one day, when her phone rang, she walked from her bed and received the call from her friend… After the call Shravu realised that she could walk…. She walked everyday and as days passed, she did some walking with a little limp to the grocery near her house…. Shravu gained a lot of weight and she also hit the gym to lose weight…Her doctors were shocked… She still hated something which was to study for her MBA exams…She hated it to the core…. After her first sem exams, she realized that this will be her challenge in life, to achieve in the field that is new to her….

Taste of success-new determination:

After the second semester exams, Shravu slowly started searching for jobs…She failed several interviews…She started gaining interest in Management studies…Meanwhile, she also contributed a lot to her college’s journal…. An institute invited her for a motivational lecture for their students, when her article on Emotional Intelligence was published in a local management journal… It was since that day onward, she took up training for Public Speaking and soft skills…She set up her own niche` among the companies…She still did not get the satisfaction of the job she has taken up…. It was one day, at the bus stop, one boy named Santosh came up to her from his bike and said “Madam, I got a job few months ago… I got promoted as the accounts manager at XYZ corporation and you know what madam, I am going to the UK to represent our team from India, for a presentation…. Thank you so much madam, If it was not your training, I wouldn’t be here today” … Shravu had the most joyful day that day… She got the taste of success…. Now, she realized that when her student himself has done something big, why not she? She got a new determination, to finish her MBA, do a P.hD and satisfy the hunger of Doing it big in life….


Today, as the 22 year old Corporate Trainer pens down these words, she realizes that all the feelings, thoughts, events, memories and lessons she learnt in life are the actual boosters of her career in corporate training. She feels that; probably, all the steps she climbed all these years, are preparing her for the actual world… A world of responsibilities, commitments and above all, reach her one and only target – Dr.Shravanthi on her name plate and start an academy, where people are encouraged to be a better person by talent recognition and those who have the aim of Doing it big in life, even without the piece of paper called Degree 🙂 ….

Join and Wish Shravu in her endeavor of life….  Go-Shravu – Do it big! ..Go-For it!!!