Hello, Namaskaram to all my dear readers…. Well, idhu varai naan ezhudina short stories ellam fiction… I got a chance to write a real, on going love story- A Pakka Namba aathu fresh and hot filter coffee madri  story, of my friends Revathi and Ashwin….. Naangal Whatsapp la pesindu irukarche, Revathi avalodu Love story sonna, which I found to be worthy enough, to be on my blog…. Come on, with me, let us travel to Chennai, with a cup of nice hot filter kaapi and a plate full of Bhajjis and thottuka thengai chutney…..

Chennai – 2005:

Chennai – A busy city, rich in our culture, tradition and yes, fully filled with namba Tambrahms….. Chennai MaaNagarathula oru area, Kolathur, anga in a cute yet Traditional Iyengar household, lives Revathi…. Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Santhanam….
Revathiiiiiiiiiiiii………………kelambiyaacha ma?? School ku late aagardhu, inniki noku exam vera….
Idho varen Amma……
 Revathi, a 9th grader, smart, sweet, chirpy, bubbly- yet very kind girl, studies in Kulapathi Dr. BalaKrishna School….
 Revathi, final exam daane, you’ll do really well, Hayagrivar unna kaapathuvar, tension eduthukade..Naan unakaaga vendikaren…. 
Revathi’s appa, Mr. Santhanam says looking at his little girl tensed at the breakfast table.
Meanwhile, In Revathi’s mind Haiyo, exam ellaam periya prachanaiye illai Appa…Indha Ashwin paiyan mela naan vechrukardhu nijama ve love ah, illai verum attraction ah, onnume puriyaliye….” 
Paathela makkale, indha 9th grader mind la enna iruku nu? 😛

Kulapathi Dr. S. Balakrishna  Joshi School – Chennai – May 2005 :
Ella kadhai layum hero entry super ah, dashing ah irukum, indha kadhai la twist paarungo….
Revathi reaches school….  Revathi, yaaru ma kozhandei, andha paiyan, ipidi sandai podaran, NARAYANA, poonool vera teriyardhu shirt lerndhu, ipidi sandai podaran, avaaloda laam nee friendship eh vechika koodadhu, seriya ma? Chamatha exam ezhuditu vaa,last exam verai, sheekrama mudichutu aathuku vaa, We’ll go to Parthasarathy Perumal Koil and from there, a nice Dinner at Saravana Bhavan. ok? ”
“Seri Appa, 🙂 ” 

Meanwhile Revathi’s mind voice , “Appa Ipidi elaam bomb podaraangale, haiyo…. Appa, ivan daan appa Ashwin, I like him Appa…. Ippove neengal ipidi chonna epidi paa? NARAYANAAAA….. 😦 ” 


Revathi, Chamatha finished her 9th grade with a decent score of 95.5% and entered into 10th grade….
It all started in their 10th grade… Revathi’s feelings for Ashwin Iyer grew day by day…. She liked his Morattu Kaalai temperment, His Short temper, his smile, his talks,… Every thing he did, attracted Revathi, even the way he wrote notes attracted her….
During class hours Revathi would stare at Ashwin silently from the corner of her eye, just to ensure he is in the class…. She even got caught and scolded by her Teachers once or twice for not being attentive in class….

“Who cares, I like looking at Ashwin, I will look at him, classes and lessons eppidiyo pogattum” saying so in her mind, Revathi chuckled, when her Tamil Teacher was scolding her…. 😀 😀 😀

All over her 10th grade, Revathi only thought about Ashwin, apart from studies. She still doubted if this was actually the right age to fall in love…. The academic year passed on…. It was in the Margazhi Maasam, Revathi realised she was Actually in love with Ashwin…. Thoughts about separating from Ashwin after 10th grade, actually gave a lot of pain to Revathi’s heart… She wanted to convey it to her guy, she thought various tricks including writing a note to him, nothing worked out….

May 2006:
“I am going to propose Ashwin, come what may, I don’t care, I don’t want to lose him…At any cost, I will propose him” …  Revathi thought for herself…
Revathi had a feeling of butterflies in her stomach, nervousness crept, her hands shivered, her big round eyes closed out of shyness and the 16 yr old walked straight to Ashwin, on the last day of their 10th boards  and she confessed her love for him….
Ashwin did not reply with a yes or no, he just smiled and walked away with friends…. This left her in a dilemma…..

It was months after Revathi confessed her feelings to Ashwin… She awaited his reply everyday…. Fact was, he moved on to a residential school, for his 11th and 12th grades…. Revathi worked hard and topped in her class…..  Everyday, atleast once, she saw her 10th class photo, not to see her friends, but Ashwin’s face….
Both, Revathi and Ashwin lost contact with each other….
Revathi, for 2 years of her high schooling, lived all the memories she had at school, she laughed thinking about the mischief he did at school and sometimes, tears rolled on her cheeks, fearing whether Ashwin actually forgot her….  She had mixed emotions…there wasn’t a single day she did not think about Ashwin…. Revathi sometimes dreamt as if Ashwin came down to her place and accepted her love… She even dreamt about Ashwin getting married to her…. Kanavula Revathi even sang Duets and all…. 😛
When ever she felt low, Revathi would convince herself that Ashwin will come back to her, some day….

April 2008:
Revathi finished her 12th with a good grade and her appa gifted her a mobile phone….
Days passed, one fine day, Revathi got Ashwin’s contact… They spoke to each other via messages, innumerable phone calls…..

A month passed… Revathi’s confidence grew on Aswin, she still, did have a lot of confusions….  I guess, she even asked him if he actually had any girl friends and things like that 😉

It was on 27th May 2008,  that Revathi’s love succeeded … Ashwin accepted the Love Revathi had (she still does, a lot in fact 😛 ) for him…4 years, of Reva’s love for Ashwin finally gave fruits….. Aprom ennachu?  Neku teriyadhu….. But yes,  Reva had tears of Anandam….  “Anandam  Anandam , Aanandame….. Revz’ love got Accepted yaay…”   ❤ ❤

It has been 6 yrs of their love, it is growing stronger and much stronger…. Let us all pray that Revathi Santhanam becomes Mrs. Revathi Ashwin soon…. 🙂

Revz and Ashwin , I hope you guys liked this (Obviously, it is your own love story), but still… ❤ ❤ ❤

Now, time for Author’s note, I hope you still have a few sips of Kaapi and a few Bhajjis on your plate…. Idha padichunde saapdungo, saaptunde padeengo 😛

Friends, this true story teaches many things to us,

1. Love has no age,

2. True and Strong love never fails,

3. If marriages are made in heaven, the partners are chosen by God, If your love is very strong, even God himself can never separate…even if there is a small separation, Love surely brings them together….

True love is absolutely unconditional, there will be no expectations or demands….  Well, this message I am giving is not only for the lovers, people who have got an arranged marriage done are also lovers…. There might be several mis-understandings, minor issues, fights and such things between each other….  Learn to adjust, have strong faith in your love for your better half… Trust me friends, your life, even with many highs and lows, will run as smooth as eating an Ice cream….

Live , Share and Spread love…. 🙂 😀 ❤








My New Look…

My New Look...

I Hope you all like my new “Mami” Look…. 😉 Chumma tried my hand at sketching myself, in Namba Aathu style 😀 😀 😀

Anything for Amma

Hello friends, Mamas-Mamis Worry pannadeengo, ungala kalaika pogardhillai.. Friends, Mamas, Mamis, indha oru dharavai, ennaku no-no Amma ku oru kutty help pannarela please…. I know, most of you will… Ok, thing is, Amma turns 50 this September 9th… While thinking what gift I have to give Amma, I thought about gifting a saree – nah! Amma has many…. then gold – Lol I can never buy any, as of now I can’t 😛 …Then I thought, why not I dedicate a poem to her – Aah! I do it every time because, Amma stands as my inspiration to write….. I know, you are all wondering why am I planning all this now itself, when Amma’s Birthday is in Sept… Well, thing is, even if I have to buy her a gift, I will be saving a lot from months before…So you know ….

Ok, coming to the point, (Don’t want to drag it further)… The other day, I was talking to amma, who was seeing her College besties’ pictures…. I asked Amma if she misses her friends, and Amma replied ” I do…A lot…” And then Amma narrated about her “Good Old” College days to me… I knew it! Amma misses her friends a lot…. So, I opened a FB account for her… I found 3 of her friends from the group, 1. Mrs. Uma Sharma (Uma aunty) , 2. Mrs. Rajendar Kaur Bagga ( Raju Aunty) and 3. Mrs. Nisha (NishaAunty)… Along with Amma, I gave a friend request to all 3 of them… Amma said she has a Tambrahm Friend, who was her bestie…. Mrs. Sudha Shastry… I searched for you all over Fb, but could not find…

Aunty, my Amma, Chitra, studied with you in Reddy College (Raja Bahadur Venkat Ram Reddy Women’s College)  Hyderabad,year 1982-85, B.Com…. Amma has told a lot about all of you, its like, almost 3 Decades, you all lost contact with each other… This is my initiative to make Amma’s Happy Birthday, a Happiest Birthday…. Aunty, If you happen to read this post, Please send me a message on my Facebook page Aarya Writes – or comment below, and I will contact you from my FB account…. My plan is to give Amma a surprise on her Birthday, with you all wishing her over phone… I want to see that Child-like excitement and joy on Amma’s face… I feel this is the best gift I can give to Amma….

I know,many of you might find this weird, but as a Child, I will do anything to make my Amma happy and I feel this is the best way to reach Amma’s Friend.

So Friends, Mamas, Mamis and everyone who is reading this post, please share this message till it reaches Mom’s friend or at least, her Family members on  Fb, Twitter or even E-mail…. Please , this is a request to you….   I will be very Thankful to all those who are helping me in this #AnythingforAmma project….

Lets Do it friends!!

Love ,

Meenakshi (Meenu) ❤ ❤ ❤


I am back….tadadadadaaaaa

Hi hi hi hi hi…. I yam back  after a long time…. Shobaaa…. after a gap vandhu paartha, en fb page la 10 messages from 10 different people….. 3-4 hate messages…. 2-3 messages of kalaais and rest all from some random fans….  Off late, looks like I got a lot of haters for my blog posts….  Vaango, I will take you through all the messages I received. Sort out pannirukken types of messages…. Padichu enjoy pannungo.

3. The  guilty mama-mamis messages :  Indha mama-mamis ku eppodhum guilty feeling thaan… ava pannara attahaasam daane naan eduthu kaamichundruken, edhuku daano ipidi guilty ah feel panni, unga kovam, frrrrussstrraationnnnnzzz laam en mela kaatarel? Paavam iliya kozhandei (naan daan adhu 😛 ) ..  Yen di mamigala, oyi, mama jees, ungala daan, enna,idha paathu thuru thuru nu muzhikarael? Kannadi potundu clear ah padeengo…. Youngsters youngsters nu engaluku onnum teriyadhu nu brand pannuvel, valila onnu pesuvel, ulla oru madri nadandhupel, idhu pattathiki FB la ungaluku oru group vera… Ozhunga Krishna Rama nu Jabam pannadhiki, cheap gossip pannarel… naangal Sastram, Traditions laam pesina ungaluku pathaadhu, vayar erichal aala engalayum ippidi erichu shaambal aakarel… Ungalukke vekkama illai? Chee chee, You say we are getting spoilt, in fact, dear 50+ citizens, silvery haired beauties, after joining FB, some of you are making worst use of it… not we… I have seen in several FB pages and groups, this so called “elders” hang out, booze ( i know it is your personal, but when you kuthi kaatify us, shouldn’t we also do the same for you), post pictures proudly (and again, don’t feel guilty, this is neither personalised, nor generalised)!! Chee Chee Chee…. Namachivaya sollara nerathula Cheers solli, engalayum pesa vidaame, ipdi namba traditions ah kedukarele, Ipdi irundha next gen epdi urupadum? allow us to talk, don’t suppress us…. Neengal enna vena sollalam,Naan blog la pota mattum, nanna patthindu eriyardho?


2: The Proposers:   Handsome ( Forced to tell this 😦  ) Tambrahm boys, en mookum teriyadhu, moonjiyum teriyadhu, blog posts padichu propose pandraanga baa….

One message was like this, “Hi Meenu, I am Dhadhyojanam Iyer, I am doing good, I like your blogs…nalla ezhudarel, i really like this… I think I like you, enna kalyanam pannikarela?”. My Mind voice : Oh Thayir rice, I never asked how are you… yen da?
One Mr. Puliyodharai Kumar, said “Hai Arya, I like you very much, u iyer , i iyengar, we marry and give birth to a new breed”  (My mind voice : “Naan aadu, nee maadu, namba kunju oru pudhiya breedu.. goyyale, one time food ku vakkila, new breed aam… seruppu pinjrum pikkali naaye” ) .
One Sambar Rice mami messaged me : “Amma, My son Mr. Ghatti chutney said he likes your blogs and posts, if your parents are looking out for matches for you, please let me know, I will talk to them… I also like your posts so much, but some times they are too much, but its ok for me you know… You both make a nice pair of Idly and Ghatti Chutney…I like your jovial nature…you re simply nice maatu ponnu to our joker family.. Please contact to my number – 09876543210 –  Email – , Address – Near main kuppa thotti,mental hospital, door no. 420 – My name – Sambar saadham.

My Mind Voice : ” Unga joker family ki naan daana maami kadaichen? FYI, I am Biryani.. Ghatti chutney ah Biryani oda pesanju yaaru sapduva?? I am highly un suitable for your joker family, nandri, vanakkam.

Mooku-Moonji teriyadhu, perusa vantaanunga propose panna…. Dha che peh! Innuru dharava proposal oh illa, indha madri marry my son nu message vandha pichi puduven pichu… Mind It!

1 The Group Members:  Ayya, shaamyyyy ungalukku naan enna ba drogam pannen , enna pidichu fraudu -geedu, villi-malli nu sollarel…Yov Yov Yov, ungla daan, enna ya yaaru ezhudina ne teriyame, yaarayo nanachu thappu thaapa ezhudareengo, I got a message from a few members of a Food group that my post “5 Things i hate about Fb” la oru One Pot One Shit..oops One Shot… nu oru topic ezhudirken nu thappu thappa pesinelaam… Enaku screenshot laam anupinango en fans… Ennaya idhu, cha! padicchavanga madriya nadandhukarel? Oru mami angiyum enna vittu vekalai, “samayal panna karandiya pidikatum aprom paakalam nu sollarango” , My dear mami darling, Naan virundhe samachu poduven, sapda varela? Innuru mami edho chemical terms, cinema dialogue laam sonnango… Caustic aam, Spy aam, Stalker aam…ada thu thu thu thu…ipdi solla ungalukku vekkama illa?? Enna maa padichirukel neenga? Adhuvum illama, cheap comments vera… naan unga group mention panninena, illa ungala pathi peru pera solli mention panninena… naan yaarunu ungaluku teriyadhu, neenga yaaru nu enaku teriyadhu, aprom yen ipdi eriyara thee la petrol ootharel? Does it make any sense? FYI , yours  is not the only food group… there are 100s of groups where your fantabulouslywonderful OPOS is making rounds! I was asked to write about it, by my cousin who runs a cooking academy…….
Onnum illatha sappa mattera potu, thappu thappa pesi, oru issue undaki…Haiyo Haiyo… chee chee Shame Shame puppy shame! Bad uncles and aunties….. Very bad!


Idhu daanunga enaku vandha messages oda summary… Cha, naalu per nalladhu solluvaalo nu paatha, kadhai vera madri la pordhu….

Oye! Ungala daan, chamatha thoongara Lioness ah thatti ezhupitu seepaala thalai vaari pinni poo vechuttel la… irungo brace yourselves, ore kalaai posts varum paarungo…. Edachu sollanum na, face me, don’t talk behind and let people message to my page and make me feel uncomfortable….  I will come back with a nice fun post very soon… till then, please don’t spoil my mood!



Tambrahm FAQ’s and answers


Ellarukkum Namaskaram…. Naan Meenu odu amma here…. I know how irritated you all are, after reading my daughter’s posts, ungala romba kalaichu vittruka iliya en ponnu?
Anyway, fun aside, en ponnu ku time illai, paavam kozhandai padippu la busy ah iruka, so this time, I have taken her place, no, don’t mistake me for a funny post . Well, this is something quite serious…. Off recent, I have been seeing many people cribbing and talking bad about our practices about the menstrual “theetu” and many end up in a dilemma, whether to follow it in this modern Wi-Fi age also… Being frank , we were being brought up in a very orthodox environment, and so are my children. So indha post la, I am going to discuss how scientifically this “theetu” observance is right.

1. Why are we asked to sit aside, given bland food and are treated as untouchables, why cant we cook and work?
A. Well, you are asked to sit aside because, every time you menstruate, your body generates fresh blood… so, in order to avoid infections , you are asked to sit aside. Bland food because,  if you eat spicy food, you are eating it at your own risk… As such, the so called PMS increases your Bp and this only results in more stress. Being treated as untouchables, no way! When you enter into a temple, are you allowed to touch the pure Idol of the God? No right, unless the person has so much powers, they cannot touch the Idol…. Similarly, you are purest when you are menstruating. Hence, you are treated equal to God.  Why don’t you order from a restaurant and eat instead of stressing up so much, you are already stressed up with your work life…why not take rest instead? You can always ask your better half to cook for you…If not any other day, why not these 3 days?

2.I want to sleep on the bed..Sleeping on the mat gives me back ache!
A. No compromise in this matter…Sleep on the mat, spread a thick bed sheet to give you the cozy bed’s feel… I am sure you all have  thick quilts… If not, take out your mom’s old cotton sarees, give them to a quilt tailor, he will make one for you – Isn’t it a best way to recycle and reuse? If not, you get cotton, washable quilts at Nalli.
Fine, I’ll tell you a simple reason for you to sleep on the mat…. During menses, your body tends to bleed more at nights (You cannot deny this fact) than the day time… Why do you want to sit in embarrassment with stained bed and mattresses? Instead, this is a wonderful option….

3. I hate applying manjal all over on my face… I don’t want to look like a jaundice patient!
A. I suggest a natural therapy  to clear all the acne and heat boils you got before menstruation.  You are all very well aware that Turmeric is anti-septic, anti-cancerous and is one of the widely used herb in your facial creams, skin therapy. Why do you want to spend so much amount on skin therapy? Apply manjal on the day of Theetu kuliyal, instead of using some useless chemical products that make your skin porous…..Using Manjal makes your skin glow and makes you look younger…. As simple as that!

4. Ennai thechu kuliyal on the 5th day, I just have any time… Can i compromise with the easily washable hair oils like? Nallennai is just sticky!!!
A. Nallennai or Gingelly oil has the properties to nourish your body, it gives you great relief from body pains and yes, it makes your uterus healthy. We were asked to eat Roasted ellu podi with vellam everyday, after we reached puberty… Reason – It strengthens your bones, provides a lot of calcium and yes, it regulates your hormones, allowing you to menstruate every month, without fail. Oh yes, Nallennai is easily washable, take time, use a proper shampoo ( I suggest Sheekai-Rita(Soap nut)-Payathamaav, mixed in 2:1:1 spoon ratio, made into a paste) and a conditioner (I suggest curd, don’t use egg..makes your hair to stink for ages).

Conclusion: Enna paa, indha Meenu oda Amma, avala vida mosama advice pannarale nu nanaikadeengo… Our ancestors have kept these things with a reason…. It is to maintain sanctity and hygiene and is absolutely not superstition or blind belief…. If you want to maintain good health and cleanliness, you may observe this…. If you do not follow, it is up to you, but please do not spread false information about our culture. Everything has been kept with a reason behind, and is for good.   If you crib or curse yourself for menstruating, kindly stop it and celebrate femininity…. Every time you menstruate, remember, Mother nature is only reminding how wonderful you are, how fertile you are… Celebrate it!

About Amma :

Mrs. Chitra Prem- A Commerce graduate, a Fashion Designer certified by the government , a motivational speaker, an entrepreneur and a home maker, who is a Hyderabadi Tambrahm woman, who maintains a balance between traditions and modern life style in her family and expects the same from the society. Her only aim is not to let our rich traditions die, in the coming generations.


Mother nature

Image courtesy – Google Images .