Happy World Book Day

Happy World Book Day

Aarya/ Meenu Iyer Wishes you all a very Happy World Book Day!
Awaiting the First Copy of Coffee and Cookie…. 🙂


The Beautiful You


My Friend, I know you…. I know Your sufferings
My friend, be proud of yourself, you are talented
Be brave, for you have the strength to fight against any negatives
I know you feel inferior because you feel you are not beautiful!
Trust me, You are the most beautiful Woman among all the women I have met….
You may be dark, but what does a skin tone got to do with your beautiful smile?
You may be fat, but how does your physique matter, when you have a kind heart?
People may tease you, Care a shit for them…. There are many more wonderful people around you….
Stay Strong, You are brave enough….
If you feel lonely, please don’t, you have a secret friend – God, who is always hanging out with you…..

You know what, My Friend? When someone says you are not attractive enough because of your skin tone or your physique, laugh it off!
They are Idiots who do not know the actual law of attraction!  Let them know that  every one on this earth has some special charm in them, that attracts the other person! Trust me, you always have a secret admirer in this world….. God has created you for some purpose…. So stay calm.

My friend, beauty is in the inner self…. A fair skin tone , a slim and sexy body has got nothing to look beautiful….
Wear a smile, Live for yourself….Eyes that see you as a dark skinned or as a Fat person, have known nothing about you and have never seen so much life like your eyes have seen…… You have a beautiful and a kind heart that has helped those in distress…..
My friend,It is your good deeds, attitude, smile and heart that matters in this world…. physique and skin tones are just illusions..Body is just a material possession….. Your good deeds will be talked about, Your message of kindness will reach those ears , which will long to see you  just once….. Those minds that judged your looks will loose your love and those mouths that teased you will regret spilling their beans……. Trust me my friend, You are the most beautiful  and best creation of God! Don’t long for affection…. You will get it!
Be What You Are! Live Your Life and Do what you love to!

You just have one life….. Live it!


2 States – Not the review



9:30 Am – Oye, remember we have to watch 2 States? Get ready girl! 
Aah I m starting in 5 min….. 
I got ready as fast as I could, skipped my breakfast and rushed to pick my bestie Lallu….. Anusha was going to join us at the theater….

We reached Tivoli Theater in 30 min…..
You ate breakfast?
No re, M hungry…I’ll have it at CCD….
Fine we have 30 min more for the show to start….Get in and have your breakfast…..

We went into CCD…..It was a gang of Tambrahm mamis, dressed up in cool spring time coloured kurtis and leggings, with their goggles above their head, that matched their white hair. Vibhuti on their forehead, above the red bindi. Molten lipstick flowing from their lips as they sipped hot cappuccino (Vaay lerndhu lipstick kandravy ah ozhugardhu nu sonnen…eyy mamis, enna thittkadhel…ungala naan sollalai…avangala sonnen aahhnnggg… 😀 )

Mamis were speaking only in Hindi and English…. I was like, “Abbah Chaa” ( Talk in your mother tongue di mami, oru thappum illai…ungala yaarum thitta pordhilla) ….. That waiter at CCD is physically challenged…he is deaf and dumb…Poorthing, stood confused when these mamis were ordering and ordering and shouting at them. One mami took a “take away” coffee , to sip it in the theater….  I heard her telling to another mami “Ipdi laam kaapi parcel vangi kudikardhula thani sugam teriyuma…..Sooda irundhalum, indha madri cap vecha paper cup la kudikardha, edho foreign country la kaapi kudikara madri iruku” ……

I had my breakfast and along with Lallu and Anusha, went into the theater…… As soon as the movie started, we heard whistles…. Mamis were seated in the row behind us….

There was this scene when Alia says shez a South Indian Brahmin and eats chicken…. Mamis were like “Enna kandravy paathela, Brahmana chicken sapdradha kaamikara..”  Then comes the smooch between Alia and Arjun and mamis sat with mouths wide open…. Then one mami “Indha kaalathu pasangal enna kandukara sollungo? Ipidi laam nadakardhu nu daan cinema la eduthu podara…. ”  ” Amam , neenga sollardhu romba correct, idha paathu namba pasangalum kettu pora…nanna aachu en pethiya azhishindu varalai”  All mamis in unison said “Pch pch pch pch pch pch pch” . My mind voice said “Haiyooo….Kashtam daan…” 

Arjun goes to Chennai….. Mamis were discussing “ Chennai….Hey Namba Mylapore Kapali kovil….. Hey indha idam anga dhaane? adhu daane idhu?”  I could visualise all the mamis  smiling wide…..

When Arjun goes to Grumpy Swami’s house…. We all laughed and mamis were like “Namba aathulayum apdi daane, idhula enna special ah eduthu kaamikaran?  Then Revathi enters “Revathi ki romba vayasu thattiduthu la? Oru kaalathula evalo azhaga irundha….”     Again all mamis in unison said “Amam ama amam…pch pch pch pch…nalla actress aval”….

There were scenes praising Tamilians and when Amrita singh degrades Tamilians, I guessed all the mamis bloods boiled…. One mami literally scolded Chetan Bhagat for writing like this and she said “Indha director oda buddhi enga pochu? ippidi laam eduka kudadhu iliya?” “Pch pch pch pch”  in chorus again.
Tambrahm wedding scene vanduthu… looking at Alia’s saree ,” Idhu enna? namba type kalyanathula ipdi aragoraiya yaaradhu ponnu saree udithipaala?” “amam ama amam…yeah…ellam kali kalam” “pch pch pch…hmm…amam” …… 

Final dialogues were “ Enna kandraviyo….madisar kattikardhu vida andha ponnu ku pavadai daavani katti vittu kalyanam panni vechruka” ” Adhellam apdi daan mami….ellam kali kalam.. Adhum illama, ava Punjabi paiyana kazhishundruka iliya, Punjabis ku enga madisar na ennadhu nu teriyapordhu……” “Pch pch amam…aana naraiya namba bhaashai la pesirkaan… indha Hyderabad kaara ellam epdi daano indha cinema paarthu purinjupa….adhu poradhiki, nambal avaala evalo insult pannirukaa parungo….Idhu enna nyayam? ” 

Movie got over, all of us came out…. I tapped on one Pink chudidaar mami’s shoulder and said “Mami,naangalum indha movie ah paarthom…. more than the movie’s dialogues I got to hear your comments….thank you for making my Sunday so beautiful” ….  Mami got shock of her life seeing some one telling this to her…..

My friends Lallu and Anusha commented “ Finally we made it to 2 States…You enjoyed no?”
“Yeah, I did… A lot infact” …..

Maaammiiiieeee…. I will not spare you…. Avalova movie paarkanum na edhachu Bhakti padam paakkardhu daane… inga vandhu en kaadha aruthutele mami!!!! 😦





Coz Life’s Precious

It was a regular Sunday morning in the month of December…  I put on my tracks and shoes to go for a walk in the park near my house. My daughter insisted she’d come along with me to play with Loro, the park keeper’s pet.
Get ready, have milk that I’ve kept on the table and come fast..Amma’s getting late da….  My daughter came down running . Amma….Chalo chalo….gaadi start karo…lets go… I started my 2 wheeler and along with my daughter, I sped to the park.
Maithreyi, why so late yaar, see how many of them are waiting for you! Kya hua aaj?
Sorry yaar, very sorry…. Sita told she’ll come to play with Loro….So I had to wait for her…..
Haha, you mom-daughter bhi naa!
 After a few rounds of jogging in the park, along with my team, I got into the room in the park, for the actual work we come for, there in the park, on Sundays.
It was 9 years ago…. I got married to Ram,  the man whom my parents felt, would be there with me forever. We had a very happy married life.
3 years after marriage, I was pregnant. Ram and I were very excited about our child. Ram , the to- be dad was more careful and never allowed me to work or even move an inch….
It was in the 8th month of my pregnancy, Ram got a new job, with a very good pay. We felt it was our to-be born child who has proven to be very lucky to us… He had to leave to the USA for work.
Maithreyi, I don’t want to go there yaar…Leaving you and our child growing in your womb, I don’t want to go… I want to spend time with you… I want to be with the child…. Shall I continue working here? I’ll get many work opportunities in future yaar….I don’t want to go there!
Ram, why are you behaving like a kid? Its just a matter of 6 months….after the baby is born, within a couple of months I’ll come there anyway… This is a wonderful opportunity for you Ram…Don’t leave it… There is a whole life for us to live together…You will surely be the best daddy in this world and pamper our child…. I think you have to take up this job Ram…
Fine, I’ll do like you said….
Kissing me on my forehead, Ram left to the airport halfheartedly….
He had to change a flight from Mumbai to Dubai and again from Dubai to Newark……

I awaited his call since 3 hours now…. He was supposed to reach Mumbai… I heard that the flight was late…. So I sat down to watch TV. While browsing the channels, to get some gossip about the ongoing Politics, I switched on the news channel. There was this lady in formals, who was talking about some movie actor who passed unwanted comments on a director and the director slapped him…. I smiled and continued to watch . Suddenly, there was this breaking news…  thinking it to be something silly, I ignored and switched to another channel. Breaking news came in this channel also. Ignoring it again, I switched to another channel…. Every channel that I changed showed only this breaking news, where there were many ambulances and people carrying some injured people on stretchers. Curious, I increased the TV’s volume. Adding to my curiosity, there was an Ad. I switched to another channel and to my horror, I found that the aircraft in which Ram traveled had crashed and it was said that there were hardly any survivors. I was in a state of shock. My mind was blank, I did not know what to do! It was a total black out for me. While my mind was blank, my heart prayed that Ram should be one of the survivors…. An hour later, I called up to my Mother-in-law to inform her about the crash. She was a strong woman…Confidently she said that her son is alive. We made many calls to the Mumbai international airport only to get many negative responses….

I received a phone call from a hospital in Mumbai.
It was Ram, who wanted to speak his last words to me.
Maithu, after I die, please take care of our child…. You will be a mother and father to our child… tell our child about me…. Let him/her know that his/her daddy could not keep up the promise of being the world’s best daddy…. also, after I die, if you are lonely, please take up my job and if you find someone who loves you like me, please get married….
Ram, don’t say that, I am yours and only yours, I promise, I’ll take care of our child… You will always be the world’s best daddy…. You will not leave us Ram… Stay strong Ram… I’ll pray for you…
Ram laughed weakly and the phone got disconnected!
I started feeling guilty for sending him… I should have respected his decision to continue working here…. I regretted encouraging Ram to take up this job…..
Tears welled up in my eyes…. I sat still again…Scenes of Ram’s body being taken away from the house flashed in front of my eyes…. The widow making ritual, my bangles being broken and more than anything my unborn child being blamed for  the death of Ram, etc were making rounds in front of my eyes…
Any moment I could get a phone call stating Ram’s death… I did not want to attend it….

I am not living in this world without Ram…. Ram, here I come , to join you….  I took this extreme step and went into the kitchen to drink some water…. I then went into our bedroom, to take one last look at Ram’s pictures…. I wore his favorite light blue t-shirt and took out the photo albums from our cupboard.
I saw pictures of our wedding, where Ram is wearing a traditional Iyer’s outfit and I was decked up in a typical Iyer bride’s Magenta coloured silk Madisar saree, with garlands and lots of jewels….
The pictures of our Switzerland trip 2 years ago were also in the cupboard… Looking at the random stills of mine that Ram clicked, I smiled with tears… Ram, look how happy we are in these pictures, see how you are smiling and look at me, I am so happy….Why did you leave me Ram! I spoke to myself and cried, running my hand through Ram’s picture.  I wanted to re-live all the memories, that I had with Ram…. While seeing the pictures, I got several phone calls that I chose not to attend cos I knew, I was going to hear condolences from my dear ones….
For one last time, before I drank the baygon mixed water, I placed my hand on my stomach and gave my child a last kiss….
I m sorry baby, amma is going to the place where appa has gone…If I have a next birth, I will be born as Maithreyi, marry Ram and give birth to you…. I am so so sorry baby…. Saying so, I cried loudly and took the glass in my hand….
Maithreyi, how can you be such a coward! Did you not promise Ram that you will deliver his child?  You are scared to face the reality Maithreyi! Come on, throw it out and face the world bravely… You just have one life, live it girl…Imagine your child being born and you are watching your baby grow up…. Ram’s presence will always be felt… Your child will be  one of the best assets Ram gave you….You will raise Ram as a child once again…. Don’t die Maithreyi..face the reality…. The strong Maithreyi in me spoke…. I will face this world, come what may, I will be Ram and Maithreyi to my child…. I will see Ram in my child… I will bring up my child to be a good person like Ram…. I am not going to Die… I said to myself.
My phone kept ringing and I ignored the calls….  An hour later, composing myself, I attended a call that I got from an unknown number… Cell phones were new in the market then….
Hello, Mrs. Ram?
Yes, speaking…
Madam, I hope you are doing fine?
Yes I am….
I am calling from  Radha Hospital, Mumbai…One minute Madam….
My heart beat very fast…. I tightened my fist…I was sweating profusely….
Maithu…. I am not dead…. I am alright daa… A weak voice spoke
It was Ram….
I cried out loudly over the phone…..
Madam, I am Dr. Chris, it is indeed a miracle that out of 4 injured, Ram is the only Survivor…. He is a strong man…. He has a severe injury on his neck…. before we took him in for treatment, he said he wanted to talk to his wife, we told him he cant but he insisted to talk to you… he was not confident of living anymore due to heavy blood loss…. All the way during the treatment, he only told your name and called some name “Sita”… When I asked, he said he wanted a baby girl and he’d name her Sita…. You and your unborn child have saved Ram…He has a strong will to see his wife and child…this saved him madam… You are very lucky and so he is, to have a loving wife…. God Bless you! He will be alright soon and within a few days he will come back…

Could you please give me the details about the hospital and cost of the treatment…please give him the best treatment to recover soon…
Sure Mrs. Ram….Radha hospital’s emergency care is located in Bandra… And please do not worry about the treatment’s cost, it is being taken care of by the Airports authority, as it was their fault… We will send him back home, safe and sound….. 

My brother and Father-in-law left to Mumbai as soon as they heard the news and returned back home with Ram in 15 days as it took some time for the wound on Ram’s neck to heal…..
Ram decided not to take up the job at USA..His resignation in the place he had been working was luckily not yet accepted…..
A month later, I delivered our child. It was a baby girl…. As per Ram’s wishes, we named her Sita….

Sita indeed, is our angel… And of course, it was because of her that Ram is alive…. If I had committed suicide that day, I would have missed all these, probably Ram would have been all alone in this world… his dreams would have been shattered….  From that day, I learnt a lesson .

If you are put on this world, you are put here with a purpose…If the almighty has given you a life, only he has the right to take it…. Face the reality…stay strong…If you have very bad times going on, remember you have very good days ahead….If you are being tested till the worst, be prepared for a miracle to happen…God is there to take care of you….do your best and leave the rest to him…Life’s Precious”

Since that day, I decided to stay strong…. Ram and I formed a team to counsel the ones who are depressed, those who broke down and those with suicidal tendencies….  By God’s grace, we have been successful in our work, to help them out and are doing our best to save many Maithreyi’s Rams and many Ram’s Maithreyis and yes, many Ram’s and Maithreyi’s Sitas and Krishna’s….

Oh yes, did I tell you, Sita has a brother Krishna…2 years after Sita was born, Krishna was born…
Amma…. appa and Krishna are here I am going with appa and Krishna for some Ice cream that appa has promised to buy.. You go home after work…Bye amma… Love you…See you at home 😀
Ram, how many times do I have to tell you, not to buy them Ice cream in winter? You are pampering our kids and spoiling them…You are a bad daddy Ram!
Amma, don’t scold appa…He is world’s best daddy!  
Sita and Krishna hugged Ram….

Aren’t these moments beautiful? It is these moments that make your living worthy… Pledge to live…. Life’s Precious… Be Good, Do Good! 🙂

Life’s Precious – #Semicolonproject416

The KMCS- Kadalai Mittai Crush Saga

Inneki Sunday aache nu, I was sitting vettily, eating the Kadika mudiyatha Kadalai mittai which my  Amma made… My pallu very strong-u daan…….. aana braces irukardhu naala kadichu sapda kashtam…. Slowly I was eating it…. Meanwhile, I was watching my Akka play Candy crush and she was asking me for life!

Adi podi loosu nu avala thittarche, I suddenly got a weird thought, what if our dear Tambrahm app developers develop a Tambrahm version of Candy Crush?

Fine, if you cannot get the idea, I will help you out…. Go along, read and think and develop 😀

1. Change the name from Candy Crush Saga to Kadalai Mittai crush Saga. 


2. Characters: Tiffi – Papa  


Mr. Toffee – Kadalai mama


3. Candies and Sweets 


Candy Crush has many candies, chocolates, puddings, jellies that everyone loves to eat. Lets replace them with Kadalai Mittai, Pori urundai, Arisi Mittai, Thaen mittai, Jujubes or Jhingri mittai, Thengai mittai , Kamarkat and so on…..

4. Game: The game can be something like this….. Replace Delicious with Aaha! Besh Besh


 5. Levels and Life :


Instead of going to the next level, asking for life etc, you can change it to “ParamaPadam” so that you need not ask others for lives and all… This will make it a little more different from Candy Crush… Namba game aache you see, epdi venalum mathikalam.. 😀 😀 😀

Finally, Naan enna solla varen na, namba kadalai mittai crush saga game app onnu create panninom na, We have many benefits …

1. Our future gen will know about namba aathu sweets/ food items

2. Namba ancient games like paramapadam/snakes and ladders adhula vechom na, namba Gods , paavam,punyam etc etc pathi future gen terinjupa…

3. Paramapadam vilayadi Punyam vangikalam

4. Namba sweets/ home made foods paathu, ellarukum vaayila tsunami pongi, unhealthy chocolates sapdardhu vida, they will stick to healthy, home made and tasty food. Chocolate saptu gundu aagardhu vida, pori urundai saptu healthy aagalam.

#Health Tip : Pori urundai, Kadalai mittai, etc have jaggery/vellam as the main ingredient that aids in digestion, Kadalai has proteins and makes your child strong. Evalo neram Kadalai Mittai Crush valadinalum, your child’s eyes will not be affected because they will get the required energy from the good ingredients our sweets contain.

5. Kaasu nanna miccham paduthalam. (We are not so periya manasu people to spend on waste and unhealthy food you see 😛 )

So, Makkale, terinjukongo, namba aathu App Developers get on field and create one game app like this…. Nambalukkagave customised game irundha evalo nalla irukum… If Candy crush has a pudding ball, we have a Kadalai urundai, Mind it ! 😀 😀 😀

Kadalai Urundai
Chocolate ball


P.S.  Images are from google, I just did a bit of editing and made a collage… So I hold no responsibility for them… Collage mela kaiya vekkadhel nu my humble request  😛  😛 😛 😛

5 Places I’d love to visit

I am a travel freak, but haven’t got a chance to travel to the places I want to visit, which I’ve listed below.

1. Srirangam : A famous yet small and cute temple town in Tamil Nadu, I’ve been craving to visit all these years and I still am. Things that tickle me to visit this place are ; Lord Sri Ranganatha who sleeps on a gigantic 5 headed snake, with his consort Lakshmi near his feet. This temple is located on the banks of River Kaveri. It is said that, Lord Rama was merged into Sri Ranganatha, after he left his divine body. Near by Srirangam, there are many ancient temples, that have a lot vedic and cultural significance.

Lord Sri Ranganatha


2. Himachal – One of my most favourite places where I’d love to visit after my MBA…. I want to experience snow fall , sitting by the window sipping a mug full of hot chocolate. Shopping at McLeodgunj and snacking at the bakeries there for some nice hot breads and yes, a nice filling breakfast with pancakes, maple sauce and cappuccino! A visit to the mountain-town, touching the ice-capped peak, world’s highest cricket stadium and the Buddhist Monastery will surely complement to the efforts I am putting to do my Masters. 😀



3. North East Indian States : Sikkim, Manipur,Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Assam, Meghalaya, Tripura and Mizoram are the 8 places I’d want to visit on my way back from Himachal. Who wouldn’t love to enjoy amidst nature, food, music and a set of cute and wonderful people. If asked, I can confidently tell that I’d love to settle down in Meghalaya and live there till breathing my last. The icy rattling lakes and wildlife at Sikkim, The lovely dawn-lit mountains of Arunachal Pradesh, Manupuri dance, The fierce tribes of Nagaland, Folk dance of Tripura , Brahmaputra river and tea at Assam ,the ever rainy Cherapunji at Meghalaya and the Tribal life at Mizoram amuse me so much! I can confidently tell you that in future, you can find me holidaying at these 8 states, during summer.

A lake at Arunachal Pradesh


4.Varanasi-Kashi-Banaras : The city of Fine silk clothes, Ganges, Enlightenment and Divinity. A paradise for spiritual enlightenment, which proudly boasts about her rich history and culture, is Kashi (I prefer to call her so).

“Yahan Prem ki Ganga behathi hai, yahan aman ki Devi rehthi hai…Kashi hai iska dooja naam , Is nagari ko mera Pranam, Yeh hai Shaan Banaras ki”

This song says it all, about this wonderful city, that highlights about Kashi.

I’d love to take a quick dip into Ganges and go for a nice boat ride around the city in Ganges, who is considered to be the most holiest Rivers in the world.
Trust me, if we don’t litter and keep her clean, your sins ward off faster than warding off while you take a dip. Jaganmaata and Jagathpita or the Universal Parents, Lord Vishwanatha and Goddess Visalakshi stand there as the symbol of Parental love and it is very auspicious to perform your loved ones’ last rites here. Those who do not care for their parents, or have ignored them till their last breath, will surely regret doing it to their parents, once they visit Kashi.

This City is also called as the Live Graveyard, where funeral of many dead takes place 24*7 at the Harishchandra Ghat.

A land of mysteries, I’d call this my second home, once I retire, I’d love to sit by one of the Ghats and witness the most famous Ganga Aarthi in the evening.


Ganga Aarthi in the evening at Kashi

5. Pondicherry – now- Pudhucherry: A united territory in India, that boasts of French culture being followed till date. The South Indian Goa (I proudly call Pondy this way). A walk by the clean beaches, Cruising, coffee, wine ( 😛 😛 😛 ) ,yummy south Indian food  and a visit to Aurobindho Ashram always pulls me towards her. I did not get a chance to visit to this lovely place, though I ve been to Chennai several times. If I visit Pondy, it is surely going to be a road trip on a bike.




As such, there are many more places I’d love to visit but, the above 5 have been given top most priority by me. My travel companions are obviously  my Camera, A note book, a few pens and other stationary articles so that I can record all my memories with pictures, words and a few sketches and present them to you!

I own the words and not the pictures. Pictures Courtesy – Google.